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Ten and more things to do

in Monte Bondone during summer

Fresh air, clear skies and the unforgettable impressive natural feature. During summer, Monte Bondone offers its visitors great opportunities for sports and outdoor fun

On the slopes of Monte Bondone, summer is characterised by long sunny days, fresh air and clear skies that frame the beauty of the landscape with all their shades of blue. If you want to enjoy summer in Monte Bondone, these are the ten things to do that we have selected for you.

Three Peaks route

A great classic among the excursions offered by Monte Bondone. Starting from the Viote area, this ring-shaped itinerary combines the Cornet peak, the Doss D’Abraham and the Verde peak. You can easily walk even without specific training and this gives those who choose to do it, fascinating and breathtaking views.

Up to Trento by bike, going down the paths

For bicycle lovers, Monte Bondone is a special destination. The hard work up on its climbs is rewarded by breathtaking views and panoramas. In addition to the many cycle paths, which can also be covered by practical e-bikes, we highly recommend the splendid and wild Parolet area.

The climb to the top of Palon

450 metres in altitude, necessary to climb from Vason to the top of Palon. A demanding climb, rewarded however by the splendid panoramic view over the Adige valley and the city of Trento, which can be enjoyed from its 2098 metres of altitude. Along the road, by turning left, you can follow the mughi path. Here, immersed in the resin scent of the mountain pines, you can find delicious raspberries and blueberries.

A paragliding flight

Thanks to its particular shape, Monte Bondone is a natural gym, known to all paragliding lovers. There are many school camps in this discipline. Takeoffs and landings availability is high. Vezzano, towards the Monte Gazza, is a particularly suitable location, thanks to its exposure to the south-east and to different gradients.

The charm of the Viote

Le Viote – a flat area at 1500 metres above sea level, between the Austro-Hungarian barracks and the Bondone state forest – is a town renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity. In fact, there are hundreds of plant species and animals that inhabit this small area: from the capercaillie to the brown bear.

A stroll through the Valley of the Lakes' cellars

The Valley of the Lakes is among Trentino’s most brilliant highlights. Here, wines and grappa of excellent quality are produced, among which stands out the Vino Santo DOC of Trentino, a delicious specialty, which can also be enjoyed in the hotel. A tour of the many wineries that have their headquarters in the Valley of the Lakes, is the best way to discover the wine-making tradition of these areas. Pravis, Maxentia, Poli, Francesco and Pisoni are just some of the most interesting names to discover.

Excursion to La Rosta on the paths of the Great War

It starts along the bog of the Viote, to then go up along the Eve valley from where you reach Bocca di Vaiona view point. From here you can admire the Brenta group, with Carè Alto and Adamello as a backdrop. Continue to the Maled Cavedine between the chocolate aromas of the Negritelle, surrounded by signs of the Great War.

Watching the stars at night time

Far from the city and its lights, the Bondone sky offers breathtaking views even at night. Just wait for the twilight, to enjoy a starry sky unique in its kind, which can be admired from the beautiful star terrace.

The thrill of canyoning

Dive into the only gorge of Monte Bondone and climb along the striking via ferrata. Between water jets and huge stones worked by water, you will be transported back in time, in a landscape with Jurassic features. Obviously all in the company of expert mountain guides, who will make you admire this beauty in complete safety.

Wakeboarding at the lake

Thanks to the guys of Lake Line Trentino Wake you can try the thrill of wakeboarding on the waters of Lake Terlago. Surrounded by the Bondone and the Paganella, this body of water is surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape characterised by a rich flora and fauna.

A trip to the MUSE of Trento

A true masterpiece of contemporary architecture, MUSE is one of the most beloved museums in Trento. Its rooms are dedicated to the exploration of the wonders of science and nature. In summer the splendid botanical garden attracts great interest and highly impresses its guests.