Monte Bondone and its wonders

Much more than just a mountain, Monte Bondone is the main green lung of the city of Trento



That Monte Bondone is much more than just a mountain is also true from a geological point of view. According to Aldo Gorfer, writer and singer of Trentino uses and traditions, the Bondone is a real mountain group.

Bordered to the north by the canyon of the river Vela, to the west by the course of the Sarca stream and to the east by that of the Adige, Monte Bondone is the “playground” and the garden of all the citizens of the city of Trento, the municipality of which it also belongs to.

Easily accessible from the city, on its slopes there are only a few picturesque villages. In this uncontaminated place, there are many opportunities for sports, adventure and outdoor fun, during summer and winter.