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8 things to do

in winter on Monte Bondone

Snow, skis, snowshoes and sledding. During winter, winter sports are the protagonists on Monte Bondone slopes

Thanks to the abundant snowfall that characterises this area, winterinMonte Bondone is dedicated to winter sports. So much so that it was the first ski resort in Italy, where the first ski lift was built. Thanks to its small size, Monte Bondone is the ideal location for those who want to learn and perfect their technique. It is no coincidence that for years it has been the historical site of the Skiing Topolino Trophy, an event that saw the birth of athletes of the caliber of Thoni, Steinmark and Alberto Tomba.

In addition to skiing from the top, there is also the opportunity to entertain yourself with cross-country skiing, snowshoes, sledging and many other entertainments that await those who choose Bondone as a destination for their ski holiday. So, if you want to enjoy winter in this area, we have selected nine things to do in Monte Bondone, during the coldest months.

An aperitif at 2000 metres of altitude

Having an aperitif at 2098 metres is a small treat that you can enjoy by choosing Bondone for your winter holidays. Climb to the top of Palon, use the cable car and enjoy a lively spritz or a soft Bombardino with cream. The valley dell vista?Adige will make your experience unforgettable.

The last descent of the day

Do you want to enjoy the spectacle of the sunset as you slide down the now empty slopes, surrounded only by the silence and the noise of the blades in the snow? Well, go up to the Palon with the last ascent and enjoy the last descent before the snowmobile starts to redesign the track. On the valley floor, the lights of the city of Trento light up giving you a unique show of its kind.

Adrenaline and fun with bobsleigh and sled

If you think that bobsleds and sledges are only fun for the little ones, the Viote trail will make you change your mind. Equip yourself with bobsleighs and waterproof overalls and throw yourself along this slope. We assure you a day of pure adrenaline.

Snowball fight

Without a doubt one of the winter’s must-haves. Divide into two teams, build a fort, accumulate ammunition… and let the battle begin! At the end of the tough battle, a break at the hotel is obligatory to get dry and warm with a hot drink.

Trick and evolution at the snowpark

Monte Bondone offers all snowboarders a splendid snow park. Among the structures of this track jumps, acrobatics and tricks to the limit are the daily bread of these athletes, who also pull off a breathtaking show. And then there are the many events that characterise the winter season: from the Universiade to the Rookie Fest, adrenaline is guaranteed!

A walk through the larches

Walking through the woods covered in snow is a unique experience. The silence, broken only by the sounds of the snow that slides to the ground from the branches, fills the soul and puts people in contact with the magic of nature. It is not rare, in this magical and rarefied atmosphere, to see the footprints of some animals and, if you’re lucky, you might even spot a gnome’s hat peeping out of the larches. Am I dreaming?

Cross-country skiing

Nordic skiing, commonly known as cross-country skiing, gives those who practice it an enviable contact with nature. The plains of the Viote, one of the most famous places of Monte Bondone, is crossed by 40 kilometres of cross-country ski trails leading into the heart of meadows and woods covered with the whiteness of the snow.


Le Viote is the ideal place to treat yourself to a pleasant walk with snowshoes. Going up the Costa dei Cavai wearing snowshoes you can reach the pass between the Rosta and the Cornetto. On sunny days you can admire a splendid view of the Valley of the Lakes and the Brenta Dolomites. In the landscape, stand out the brilliant mirrors of the lakes Cavedine, Toblino and Santa Massenza. On the brightest days it is even possible to spot lake Garda.