The history of Chalet Caminetto

Born as a small guest house, Chalet Caminetto is nowadays a romantic hotel in Monte Bondone

The history of Chalet Caminetto begins with a small vision that grew to become an idea, a dream. The one that captured Nino and Alberto Barbieri, Monte Bondone’s historic hoteliers, when coming across a guest house in Vason. A building with a glorious past behind it, which had not yet been able to express its full potential.

Faced with what was only a small two-star hotel back then, the two hoteliers saw potentials in this building, which is located very close to the ski slopes and blessed by a sunny location.

They took over the building and, thanks to complete reconstruction in 2005, they turned it into a romantic hotel in Monte Bondone, where you are welcomed into a slow and relaxed rhythm. A soft, cosy environment, embellished with alpine suggestions and woody aromas.

A place that warms anyone’s heart from the first moment they walk in.



Monte Bondone